Sunday, November 6, 2016

Hiking Pine Creek Canyon (Afternoon of Day 1)

In the afternoon of Thursday, the little kids didn't want to do another hike.  So Connie stayed at camp with the littles while Annette, Dennis, Michelle, Dante, and I went to hike Pine Creek Canyon.  I really loved that was cool and beautiful and more like being up in the mountains with trees and grass. 

There were several people rappelling down this black rock.  We enjoyed watching them.


The views were incredible, the temperatures were perfect, the fresh air was invigorating and the company was great!   It was a wonderful time and I kept saying prayers of gratitude for the beauty of this Earth.  We hoped we would see animals and all we saw were some tiny little frogs and several rabbits and birds, but it was still a beautiful way to spend an afternoon.

Such an interesting looking rock...almost looked like a skeleton!

 After our hike, we returned to camp.  The kids had enjoyed playing in the sand, played hide n seek and tag and just hanging out. We made dinner and after dinner, we made dessert:  ice cream cones filled with strawberries, marshmallows and chocolate chips which then cook over the fire.  It was a great day of camping and being in nature!