Tuesday, November 29, 2016

A Skeleton, A Gypsy and a Poodle Skirt, Oh My!

Halloween 2016 was fun but also bittersweet.  Ella went trick or treating with her friends Emma and Mikayla.  Michelle went trick or treating with her friend Teya.  So I only took Gabby.   Fortunately, we went with our next door neighbors, Andrea, Amaya and Alyssa.  And of course, we saw so many friends and neighbors out and about.  So it was a fun night.  But I can't believe how quickly my girls are growing up!  I was a mean mom this year and wouldn't buy new costumes...so they had to find something in our bag of about 15 costumes to reuse.  Gabby dressed up 3 times...for dance, for our ward party and for Halloween (at school and trick-or-treating).  She was Dorothy (from Wizard of Oz) for dance and a gypsy the other times.  Ella was  a pink skeleton.  Michelle was Athena for our ward party and dressed up as a 50's girl for Halloween.

I created my costume.  I was "it's raining cats and dogs."