Sunday, November 27, 2016

Ella's photos

Ah, my sweet Mirielle!  I sure love her.  She is such a tender-hearted girl.  She goes around church and hugs so many people and has something kind to say to each.  People are always telling me that she did or said something nice.  She loves animals and is very good with our dogs.  She is smart and responsible.  And she is a real homebody, preferring to spend her time relaxing at home over most other activities.  I love her (and sometimes worry about her..I wish she were more willing to try new things, to take risks, to participate in more activities).  She loves to listen to music.  She likes to spend time with friends as long as she also has down time.  And while she complains about hiking, she enjoys camping and being in nature once I drag her there.  I'm excited for her to turn 12 in a few short months and become part of our YW program.

Here are my favorite photos of her from our recent photo shoot by Carey.

She has such seriously beautiful eyes..and gorgeous hair.