Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016: Year in Review

Highs and Lows of the Year:


Alfredo and I celebrated our 15th Anniversary.

Gabby got baptized on September 3.  That was  a very special day for all of us.  She is so happy to be able to attend Activity Days and to have the gift of the Holy Ghost.

Gabby and Ella went camping for the first time!!

After 11 years, Alfredo bought a new car.

We got a second dog named Holly.

We went hiking a lot.

Gabby LOVED flying through the clouds when we flew in an airplane (her first time on an airplane since she was a newborn.)

We had an amazing experience going on a whale and dolphin tour in CA.   We saw 3 blue whales and a pod of dolphins.

Michelle liked hearing the coyotes howl at night while we were camping.  We all enjoyed seeing a variety of animals.

I saw a moose while we were hiking!!

Gabby loved going to the Los Angeles Zoo.

Ella was excited to turn 11.

Ella loved going to the beach.

Michelle loved hosting a Christmas party for her friends and wants it to be an annual tradition.

Ella loved Christmas Eve.  She loved dancing with Darla and spending time with family.Gabby liked spending time with family and friends.

Gabby loves math, science and art.

We had season tickets to Desert Star Theatre.

Grandma and Grandpa Kapel came to visit several times, including over Thanksgiving!

We are healthy.


Gabby's second grade teacher got really sick so she had a long term sub for much of the year.  Then near the end of the school year, her teacher, Mrs. Tregeagle, died.

Alfredo is having a lot of troubles with acid reflux.

Donald Trump won the presidential election.

Locking my keys in the car while in New Mexico and then again at girls camp!


*Ten day camping trip through New Mexico with Annette and kids.  (Girls and me)
*Camping in Uintas (Girls and me)
*Girls Camp (Michelle and me)
*Trek (Me)
*Los Angeles (All of us)


Jenny:  (Stats taken from Goodreads)
I read 319 books this year (that includes many, many picture books...but 100+ chapter books as well).  I read 40,204 pages.  A few books that I read that I really loved:

A Night Divided by Jennifer Nielsen
Contrite Spirit by Bruce and Marie Hafen
Winter by Marissa Meyer
Spare Parts by Joshua Davis
Echo by Pam Munoz Ryan
Accomplishing the Impossible by Russell M. Nelson
The War that Saved My Life by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley
A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park
Lockwood & Co.  (#1-4) Jonathan Stroud
No Ordinary Women by Elaine Dalton

...and many others but those are some of the best!

Harry Potter #1-7
Percy Jackson
Goose Girl and rest of series

Harry Potter
Dear Dumb Diary
Candyshop Wars

Harry Potter
Princess in Black
Grounded:  The Adventures of Rapunzel