Saturday, December 24, 2016

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

We've had some great moments leading up to Christmas...participated in wonderful holiday traditions, attended parties, hosted parties, and spent quality time together.  Here are a few of our happenings:

Gabby is in choir at her school this year.  One of her dearest friends, Alyssa, is in choir with her.  So far this year, they have sung at the State Capitol and at the Maverick Center for Officer Brotherson's memorial.  And they had a Christmas concert.  Gabby did such a great job!

 Gabby has enjoyed dressing up in darling dresses from her sweet friend Sofie.   I always make her show them off for me.

We had scones and hot chocolate along with a lesson about Bethlehem meaning "house of bread" and Jesus Christ being the bread of life.
 Michelle wanted to hold a Christmas party for her friends from school.  They wore "ugly Christmas sweaters" and had a hot chocolate bar.  They did a Secret Santa gift exchange and watched Elf.  They are such cute girls!

 We also went to Temple Square to see the lights.  It was beautiful, albeit cold!

The fountains at City Creek were so cool!  There was both fire and water shooting out of them in rhythum to "Carol of the Bells" was pretty amazing!!

For the last two years, one of our family Christmas gifts was season tickets to Desert Star Theatre.  So we also got to go to our last play of the year.  That's always fun.

I sure love these people of mine.  They are silly and sometimes stubborn but they are also sweet and so much fun!!  I love all of our traditions and the fun things we do to make memories with one another.