Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Ice Skating

On March 21, I took Michelle, Gabby and our friend Kate ice skating.  Ella was invited to come but she didn't want to.  It was Gabby's first time going.  She was pretty nervous and wanted to hold onto me and the wall at first.  I'd try to get her to let go of the wall and let me help her and she would for a few minutes and then go right back to the wall. After a little bit, she was ready to be done.  She sat down for a little bit and just watched.  Then finally she decided to really try to learn.  I helped her, Michelle helped her and Kate helped her.  She would skate from Michelle to me, just a few feet apart.  Then she would skate holding on to one of us but actually skating.  Soon she was skating on her own...slowly but she got the hang of it.  She ended up really loving it and wants to know when we can go again. I loved watching her confidence grow as she tried and learned something new.

I really enjoy ice skating.  If it wasn't so expensive and my schedule was a little less crazy, I'd love to ice skate several times a week.  It's an exercise that I find relaxing and enjoyable. I"m no expert...can't skate backwards or do any tricks, but I enjoy it.