Friday, May 26, 2017

Fabulous Fourteen

Michelle turned 14 two weeks ago.  (I just can't keep up!)

Her birthday was on Mother's Day.  So we went out for breakfast on Saturday (Einstein Brothers...her favorite breakfast place.)

Mother's sweet girls with me.

Michelle got this cute dress for her birthday.

14 Reasons Michelle thinks it is fabulous to be 14:
*One more year until she can learn to drive!  (She thinks this is fabulous...I think this is overwhelming!)
*I am a year older (and wiser too!)
*Youth conference...I'm going to Lake Powell!
*I'm going to high school.
*I'm excited for this year's girls camp.
*4 years left until I graduate.
*I have amazing friends.
*I get to go on a lot of trips this summer.
*I get to redesign my room.
*I'm working hard to complete Personal Progress and earn my Young Womanhood Recognition.
*I have completed junior high!
*I get to meet new people in high school.
*I have cute clothes.
*I can do more grown up things.

She also got these cute shoes.
14 Foods Michelle Likes:
* Ramen Noodle Soup
*Toscana Soup
*Ice Cream
*Thai Chicken Pizza
*Panda Express
*Cafe Zupas
*Chocolate covered strawberries
*Grilled Cheese made in the oven
*Pesto Ravioli
*Tortillas with meat, melted cheese, tomatoes, onions, garlic and sauces
*Grilled onions
Alfredo bought her an ice cream cake.
14 Songs Michelle Likes:
*Halo by Beyonce
*I Was Here by Beyonce
*Nobody Like You by Little Mix
*Seamless by Sabrina Carpenter
*No Promises by Demi Lovato
*Reminding Me by Vanessa Hudgens
*Unconditional by Kehlani
*Change Your Life by Little Mix
*Attention by Charlie Puth
*Lady  by Meghan Trainor
*Hey Soul Sister
*Style by Taylor Swift
*Sledgehammer by 5th Harmony
*Stone Cold by Demi Lovato
Elaine brought her these delicious cupcakes.
Because her birthday was also Mother's Day, we invited Elaine and my grandpa over for dinner.  Michelle chose the menu so we had Toscana Soup and rolls and salad.