Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Last Day of School

I can't believe that school is over for the girls already (and only 3 more days for me!)  Michelle finished 8th grade, Ella finished 6th grade and Gabby finished 3rd grade.  In the fall, Michelle heads to high school and Ella heads to junior high!  How did that happen?

Don't mind Gabby's crocodile tears...she was cranky...she didn't want to walk to school but Ella did, she didn't like her hair, nothing seemed to be going right.  I suspect it was all a reaction to her complicated emotions about school ending.  She has LOVED third grade and loved Miss Laubacher.  It was a really good year for her.

On the last day, Ella had a 6th grade promotion.  They gave a bunch of awards.  Ella received an award for excellent attendance and an award for outstanding citizenship.  She's had such great teachers and it is evident that they really care about their students.  I was touched by the program and so impressed when Mrs. Leith explained that she'd taken over 1100 photos this year and had created a video of the year.  That's a lot of photos!! And so much work!
Photo credit: Christie Rasmussen

Photo credit:  Christie Rasmussen

Photo credit:  Christie Rasmussen

Miss Wilhelm was Ella's homeroom teacher.  It was her 1st year of teaching and she spoke about how much she loves these students and how your first year of students holds a special place in a teacher's heart.  (Very true.)  Thankful for these 3 women...Mrs. Olsen, Mrs. Leith, and Miss Wilhelm (left to right).

I have been blessed to have such good girls!  I am pleased that they are respectful and responsible and work hard in school.