Thursday, June 1, 2017

Memorial Day Concert: Air Supply

On Memorial Day, one of Alfredo's clients invited Alfredo & Thomas to the Air Supply Concert at Scera Shell in Orem.  First, Thomas, Liz, Alfredo and I had dinner at Chick Fil A and then we went to the concert. It was really fun. They have been performing for 42 years but they still sang well and I knew most of their songs.  So it was enjoyable.  And the weather was absolutely perfect...such a beautiful day.

Before the actual concert began, the military presented the flag and we sang The Star Spangled Banner and pledged allegiance to the flag.  A soldier told us a little about Memorial Day and then they presented the flags for each branch of the military and honored those in attendance who had served.  That was pretty special. I am so thankful for this land of freedom and the rights that we have as citizens.