Sunday, June 4, 2017

Ensign Peak

Yesterday evening, the girls and I hiked Ensign Peak.  They have been off school all week but I was still in school.  So they've been staying home together and I'm certain they've spent most of each day using electronics of one kind or another.  It was time to get out of the house, get some fresh air and exercise, and spend some time together.  They weren't really sure they wanted to go on a hike, but for the most part, we all enjoyed it.  It's a pretty short hike but the views are amazing!

I enjoyed reading the signs about the history of Ensign Peak.  The girls weren't really interested in the signs.  But maybe I can get them to listen to me tell them about the history.  

Michelle and Ella took a very leisurely pace (which meant that Gabby and I went pretty slowly as well)...and Michelle spent time taking lots of pictures of Ella and of the scenery.  But it kept them happy so I don't mind.  We weren't in  a hurry.

 It's pretty neat to remember that Brigham Young and other leaders of the Church stood about where we were standing and knew that this was a place to build an ensign to the nations.  They began to plan out the city the Saints would build.  They gave thanks for finding this land in the west, which God for us had prepared.  How blessed we are!!