Sunday, June 18, 2017

Top 10 Reasons We Love this Dad...

1. He provides for our family. He is such a hard worker at work and at and fixing things and remodeling and planting flowers and doing so many things to make our home nicer. He does a lot to keep the house and yard clean. He does a lot of the car repair and home repair projects. 
2. He will do anything for us, including watching dance performances, buying us things, taking us to new places/on great vacations, and on and on.
3. He is brave and helps the girls be braver and try new things.
4. He cooks great food: ribs, carne asada, empanadas, tacos, flan and so many other great meals.
5. He does nice things for each of us...taking the girls on special outings, buying me flowers, and on and on.
6. He teaches the girls many things.
7. He is funny.
8. He is a great dancer.
9. He really supports each of us in our endeavors.
10. He keeps us safe...including keeping the doors locked at all times and having a unique plan for food storage/emergency survival.  (That's a joke...his "plan" is to eat the dogs first and then me because I have more meat on my bones than the girls.  It's totally a joke but one that provides quite a bit of laughter, squeals, protests...and some motivation for me to make sure we do have food storage.)

Happy Father's Day to this father that we all love so much!!