Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Elfwyn's Saga

During the summer, I try to do some fun, inexpensive or free activities with my kids.  Some are a flop...such as aquarium day at the mall.  We expected to see a few animals (and I think they did have a couple there) but during the 20 minutes we were there they were just playing games.  My kids didn't think it was interesting/fun at all.  So we ended up heading to Arctic Circle, getting ice cream cones and playing on the indoor playground.  Last Tuesday, Tanner Dance had a free performance of the Children's Dance Theatre performing Elfwyn's Saga. Fortunately, this activity was a hit!   The school I used to work at had an arts grant that allowed us to have a Tanner Dance teacher come and teach our students.  I sure loved that.  It was called side-by-side teaching so while the Tanner Dance  teacher did the actual teaching, I was there and danced alongside my students.  It is a wonderful program and so beneficial for my students at a Title 1 school most of whom would never have the opportunity to dance like that outside of school.  I saw one of the dance teachers that I worked with at Parkview (from a distance...I didn't get to talk to her) and another of the dance teachers had also helped teach and choreograph this show.

Anyway, it was a wonderful performance.  One thing I like about Children's Dance Theatre is that they use dance to tell a story (along with a narrator).  This was about a young girl born blind (Elfwyn).  While she can't see with her physical eyes, she could often see/sense things that others couldn't.  When a terrible invader came to her family's land, bringing amazing crystals, all of the people became entranced by the crystals.  She, however, was not effected by the crystals' magnificence, allowing her to save her people.  It was a great story and a wonderful performance.  Gabby and Ella brought their friends Gracie and Austin along.  We had a great time!