Monday, June 12, 2017


Saturday was the annual Utility Trailer day at Lagoon.  Alfredo's cousin Sandra and her family drove from Vegas to go to Lagoon with us.  It was a (mostly) fun day.  It always wears me out and it was a little trickier to navigate this time because for the most part Ella and Katie wanted to ride different rides than Gabby.  Michelle and Alfredo always go off with Becky and Junior and some other friends and so I spend the day with Ella and Gabby which is usually okay but was just a bit challenging this year.

Ella and Katie love Bombora...they rode it at least 3 times.  They are in the very back.

The first time the girls went on the swings, Gabby didn't want to go. But later in the day she decided to try it and she ended up liking the swings a lot.

The kids got sand buckets, kites, and some other small gifts at the luncheon.  They also got these bubbles...which were easy to blow but stuck to your hair, clothing, etc.  If you look closely, you can see tiny bubbles in Gabby's hair.

The family

My favorite people!

The cousins