Friday, June 2, 2017


Today I want to cry, sleep and shoot hooray all at the same time...why, you ask?  Because it is the last day of school.  I love the summertime.  I love the extra time with my kids, the extra time to read, the slower pace, etc.  But it is always bittersweet to send a group of students on to the next grade.  Today that is especially the case.  This class has been an especially good group of kids.  They are respectful and responsible and fun.  It's been FUN to teach them and I am going to miss them.  I'll see most of them next year but it is never quite the same.  They have captured a piece of my heart!

I got so many sweet notes and thank yous today.  Several brought tears to my eyes.  I want to remember a few of the kind things they said as encouragement in the future on hard days/years.  Teaching can be exhausting...but it is also invigorating and so very rewarding.

One parent said, "thank you thank you thank you. You've been one amazing part of my son's life. ❤️ I imagine you become a teacher for certain reasons and one of them is to be "that spark" for a child. I want to let you know, you absolutely have been to a few of these kids this year. We love you so much. Thank you.”

Another parent wrote, "You’ve been such a great teacher to my son. I feel really lucky that we were placed in your classroom~! Thank you for a wonderful year...You were a fantastic teacher to all our 3rd graders, Ms. Panameno!! Thank you so much for all your efforts. .. if YOU are moving up a grade we’d love to be in your class again!!!"  (This year, I wish I was!)

A student of mine wrote, "It was nice having you as a teacher.  If this was a competition, you'd be in the lead! I hope you never retire like my 1st grade teacher did! Sure the class parties were fun, but you were the best of all!!"

Another parent wrote, "We are so grateful to your dedication and enthusiasm.  Our daughter has learned a great deal from you this year.  You must know how much she admires and respects you.  Thank you!"

Another parent wrote, "Thank you for a wonderful school year!  My son has enjoyed being in your class.  Ensign is blessed to have you!  Your gentle and kind spirit was always so nice to encounter!"

Another parent thanked me for focusing so heavily on reading and for teaching character traits.  She said they often discussed these character traits at dinner.

And one cute girl wrote this:  "Dear Mrs. P, Thank you so much for having me in your class this year.  In fact, if I had the choice to stay in a grade of all the grades I would choose 3rd grade.  I will miss you more than anything.  You are my favorite teacher and will always be.  I will remember this class even when I am in my 80's or 90's.  You've made it so good.  You really are the best woman on earth.  I mean seriously you give us parties, you give us science, you don't get mad when we make mistakes.  You give us educations, hope and love."

How could these messages NOT make your day?  How could they fail to bring tears?

I have the best jobs on the planet (mom and teacher!)