Saturday, May 6, 2017

Teacher Appreciation Week

I seriously have the cutest and sweetest class ever this year!  I am going to be really sad to send them on to 4th grade.  They have been genuinely FUN to teach!

This past week was Teacher Appreciation Week.  I received several thoughtful gifts and notes.  But my favorite part was that my room parent had the students fill out a thank you form to give me which she put into a darling book with a vinyl owl and my name and the year.  Here are some of the responses on the forms:

My favorite thing about my teacher is...
she's always sweet to others when she is mad at another student (I guess this means I don't punish all the students for one student's misbehavior?)
she is really nice.
if she wants to do something, she does it.
that she is a great writer.
she is fun and very challenging.
she teaches us.
she reads books to us.
she reads to us.
she makes things fun.
she makes us laugh.
she is kind.
she always does cliff hangers (when reading aloud).
She is nice, so fun and is always in a good mood.
she does fun math games.

My teacher always says...
Write, write, write.
Did you do your homework?
Write, write, write up a storm.
Good morning every day.
kind and happy things.
Solve problems.
Keep up the good work.
Let me hear four things you learned today.
You can do it.  Don't give up.
That's a move on the noise level meter.
Keep up the good work.
Don't give up.  Be happy.
Write, write, write.  I want to see your hand moving across your paper.

What I am going to miss most is...
the other students and my teacher.
my class and the math games.
her saying, "Good morning!"
our character traits.
her love for owls.
Mrs. Panameno.
her jokes.
how fun she is and nice.

My favorite memory is...
the Snake math game.
I don't have a favorite memory.  They are all so great.
the first day of school when I met Mrs. Panameno.
that she helps me with math and makes me feel happy.
reading Bunnicula.
the pajama party.
when you started being my teacher.
my great teacher.
when I helped the teacher.
getting Arnie the Doughnut to read.
her reading to us.

Don't you wish you had my job?  Aren't these kids the cutest and sweetest ever?