Friday, July 7, 2017

Calgary Temple and Barrier Lake

On Friday morning, Michelle, Ella, Evan, Rebecca, Suzy and I headed to the Calgary Temple.  It was Ella's first time going to the temple.  The temple workers were so welcoming and even gave Ella a card that had a photo of the Calgary Temple and welcomed her there.  It was signed by the temple presidency.  One of the temple workers that helped us was named Wilford Woodruff which I thought was pretty neat.  It's beautiful and we were the only ones in the baptistry.

After the temple, we packed food and headed to Barrier Lake.  It's so beautiful there!  The weather was perfect...sunny but not too hot.  And the area is absolutely gorgeous!  We went kayaking and we had a barbecue and the kids played in the sand/mud.  It was lovely.  Such a perfect way to spend a day!

One of my very favorite things about our trip was watching these two cousins play.  They had such a great time together.  They are only a month apart in age and they laughed, played and enjoyed every minute they were together.  They both shed some tears when it was time for us to leave.