Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Fun and Games

On Sunday, we went to church.  We had a beautiful fast and testimony meeting and great lessons.  After church, we played games and spent time together as a family.

On Monday, we had a Nerf Gun War at their church.  First, we went our family and Suzy against Rebecca's family.  Then we mixed up teams.  Then we did children versus adults.  It was  a lot of fun!

Then that afternoon we had a water balloon fight.  Then we had a fire pit and roasted hot dogs.  It was such a wonderful trip!

Most evenings, we also took a walk in Nose Hill.  Each night we would see deer as we walked.  Calgary is really very beautiful.

I loved watching my children interact with their cousins.  I especially loved watching Gabby and Hannah play.  They especially enjoyed playing poison ball on the trampoline.  Both Gabby and Hannah cried the night before we left because they were so sad we were leaving.  I am so grateful for my family.  I wish we all lived closer together, but I am so very thankful for the opportunities we get to spend time together!