Friday, July 14, 2017

Fremont--Day 2

On Saturday morning, we did the short walks to 100 Hands Cave and the Sheep Shelter.  

Hard to see...but there is another bunny in the grasses.

We don't think there were anywhere near 100 hands in this cave.  More like 25.  Maybe they were counting fingers?  Or maybe 100 Hands sounds more impressive and dramatic than 25 hands?  Either way, it was neat to see these pictographs.

Then we stopped to check out the Arch of Art.  A couple of the petroglyphs were easy to see but a couple were challenging.

 After seeing the pioneer cabin and playing by the river for a little while, we headed to the sheep shelter.  There was a painting of an Indian blanket on the mountain.

Sheep shelter pictographs

Indian blanket pictograph

 After those short walks/explorations, we headed back to camp where it was cooler.

 After lunch, we took a short hike through Fish Lake National Forest (the trailhead was in our campground).  Then we played games and relaxed around camp.

 That afternoon when it had cooled off (after the afternoon rain storm), we did the Alma Christensen Interpretive Trail (1.5 miles).  Then we practiced atlatl throwing. I was terrible.  Annette and Dante got pretty good at it.  I would have starved if I had to survive by hunting with an atlatl.

Gabby wanted to reenact our favorite video of her doing a bubble face.

Wickiup with metate and mano in front

We also checked out the Beginning of Life Panel.  That evening we had Smores around the campfire.