Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Crazy things my kids have said

1/24: Michelle asked Alfredo if he ws about to leave. He said yes. She said, "No wonder you are wearing your handsome shirt."

1/19: Michelle and Ella were playing and Ella was "buying" things from Michelle. I overheard Michelle tell Ella to buy some "Silly-antro" (cilantro). :)

12/6: Our dog needed a bath yesterday. (He got one later that day.) He was inside, laying down by my feet and I started rubbing him with my foot. Michelle said, "Don't do that Mommy." I asked why. Michelle said, "You'll make him stink more." Thanks, Michelle. Thanks a lot.

12/4: Ella's prayer tonight: "Thank you for mommy and daddy and me and Michelle and Gabrielle. I love Jesus. I love the Christmas tree...."

11/29: Alfredo was teasing Ella. He called her "Medusa" because her hair was looking pretty crazy. She called him a ding dong. Then she looked up at him and said, "I only called you that because you were being mean to me first."