Saturday, February 7, 2009

student of the month!

Michelle is the student of the month for her class at her school this month. She was so excited when she told us Thursday night. On Friday, they were having an assembly at 9 AM and she really wanted us to come. I was hoping to be able to, but I couldn't justify taking a personal day for a 30 minute assembly when I'm down to 2 personal days and 3 sick days left for this year. So I figured I would talk to my principal on Friday and see if I could have my assistant cover my class for 20-30 minutes while I ran over to Michelle's school briefly for the assembly. (Thank goodness her school is 5 minutes from mine.) Fortunately, my principal said yes. Alfredo had a meeting at work at 9 AM on Friday morning and he didn't think he would be able to make it. But he talked to his boss and was excused from the meeting. He was there for the entire assembly and was able to stay for a few minutes after to take photos. Michelle was so happy that we were both there.

Michelle informed us on Thursday that parents bring flowers or balloons to their child at the assembly to show how proud they are. I stopped on my way to work to buy flowers. Alfredo also stopped to buy flowers, so Michelle now has a vase of tulips and a vase of orangeish-yellow roses to admire. :)

Here is Michelle with her Spanish teacher, Mrs. Tiburcio, and the students in her group.

Michelle and Alfredo in front of the Jackson Cougars mural inside the school.

Our sweet student of the month

getting her ribbon pinned on

Mommy handing her two bunches of flowers

At home showing off her beautiful flowers.

Michelle told me last night that in Spanish class she said two new sentences to her teacher and that her teacher was very proud of her. She said, "I'm really learning, Mommy. I love my Spanish teacher and Spanish class."

We are SO proud of you Michelle!