Tuesday, December 20, 2011


On Friday, December 2, the girls had a Student of the Month Assembly at their school. Ella was chosen as student of the month for her class by her teachers, Miss Finerfrock and Maestra Mary Lou. Also, Michelle and Ella's dance group Ballet Folklorico was performing at the assembly. So I took a half day off work so that I could attend the assembly.

The assembly started with the fourth graders performing. It was beautiful. One class stood and recited the Pledge of Allegiance in Navajo (their teacher is Navajo). Then the dual immersion class stood and recited it in Spanish. Then the third class and the audience said the pledge in English. It brought tears to my eyes hearing it in these other languages. Then they sang, "We are the Children of Many Colors" which is a song that I love. They did a beautiful job and had a nice slide show playing on a screen behind them as they sang.

Then the Ballet Folklorico performed. Ella was in the first dance. Unfortunately, while I was in the first row, she was on the other side of the stage so I didn't get any good photos of her.

Michelle was in the second dance. They both did a great job.

Then they announced the students of the month, including sweet Ella. So proud of her!