Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Day

Christmas Day was wonderful. This year, of course, Christmas was on Sunday. I loved the beautiful Sacrament program done by our ward choir. It really invited the spirit and helped us remember our Savior and feel of His love. What a special way to have Christmas be focussed on the Savior!

Because we were up so late at the Christmas Eve festivities, our kids slept in until 8:30. Michelle and Ella came in and woke us up and woke up Aunt Suzy....We decided to let Gabby sleep. So Michelle and Ella took turns opening gifts.

Just have to comment about this one quickly. Michelle helped us wrap some of the gifts for Christmas. She was wrapping them very carefully, and then she began to wrap a gift for Gabby and was doing it a little sloppily. Alfredo said something about it and she said, "It doesn't's just for my sister." So Alfredo decided to wrap one of her gifts as terribly as possible...with part of the box showing, with part of a wrapping paper roll on it, etc. We all had quite a good laugh about this.

Santa was quite tricky this year. Usually Santa leaves his gifts unwrapped and out for the girls to discover right away. This year when the girls awoke, Santa had filled their stockings and there was a gift for Gabby wrapped in Santa Claus paper. But Michelle and Ella didn't seem to have anything from Santa. When they were nearly done opening gifts, Michelle commented that maybe Santa didn't give them any gifts. But then she discovered a note...and Ella found one too. It said, "'Ask and ye shall receive, seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you.' This is especially true with spiritual things such as following the Savior, but this year it is also true for the gift I give to you. Seek it and ye shall find it. Santa" It took a minute or two to figure out what Santa had meant, but then the girls figured that maybe he'd left the gifts near the fireplace downstairs so they rushed downstairs to see... and to their great suprise and delight, they found electric scooters...just what they really, really wanted! Thank you Santa!

Right about then, Gabby woke up so she opened her gifts, and Alfredo, Suzy and I opened our gifts. Alfredo gave me a beautiful outfit as well as the softest bathrobe and slippers ever. Gabby was thrilled that Santa gave her a Disney princess castle. She also got a Lalaloopsy doll with pink pigtails, art supplies and several Disney princesses.

After church, we went to my Aunt Elaine and Uncle Phil's house. We were able to visit with them and my grandpa. My Uncle Brent and his kids came over as well (unfortunately, his wife Diane had to work.) Great, great day!!!