Thursday, December 22, 2011

Elf Scavenger Hunt

We had a cute friend over to play on Tuesday. The girls were so excited and there was a ton of giggling. Our friend is only four...a little older than Gabby, but she has been in my Sunbeams class and we all adore her. So we decided to head to Gardner Village to do the Elf Scavenger Hunt there.

You print off a list of a dozen elves to find. If you find them all, you get a free candy stick from Sweet Afton's. So we bundled up and searched. We found most of them pretty easily, but there was one that we somehow missed and had to get help to find. We took a break for a bit because we were cold and got a little treat from the Bakery. Then we found the last silly elf rollerskating with a plate of sugar cookies in his hand and headed home. It was a fun time. There was a lot of giggling and some of the elves were quite fun to see.