Sunday, March 11, 2012

Ella's accomplishments

Ella has been working so hard in school. I am so glad that she loves school so much and that it is such a positive experience for her. She loves her school and her teachers. Both of her teachers are very dedicated and wonderful.

I saw Ella's Spanish teacher on Wednesday after school when I was picking the girls up. She told me that Ella is doing very well in Spanish. She said she'd just tested her in Spanish and she passed a level 18, which is an end of first grade level. She said that she's a better reader in Spanish than some of the native Spanish speakers.

Not only that but she is gaining confidence. Her Spanish teacher has the students do an oral presentation each month. Ella always practices at home and she's done fairly well, but she is kind of a shy girl, so her teacher has told me that she speaks quietly and doesn't always look very confident. On Friday, families were invited in the evening to see the children do this month's oral presentation. Each child had to memorize a poem. They began by welcoming the families and friends and saying they would present their poems while also showing some type of visual. When it was Ella's turn, she walked to the front and spoke loudly and clearly in Spanish. I'm so grateful to Miss Mary Lou for organizing this event on a Friday evening when she could have been home with her own family. I'm grateful that she and Miss Finerfrock work so hard to make school educational, fun, meaningful and motivating. I'm so thrilled to see Ella gaining confidence as well as skills.