Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A good example

Michelle has 2 best friends at school, Shayla and Liliana.

On Sunday evening, Michelle and I were talking. She asked if she could tell me something and did I promise I wouldn't get mad. (Not a great way to start a conversation!) Michelle explained that a few days ago, Shayla's mom had remarked to Shayla, "I hate Mormons!" Shayla responded, "Well, then, Mom, you hate Michelle!" Shayla's mom immediately apologized and said that of course she didn't hate Michelle and that she didn't really hate all Mormons either. I'm glad that Michelle has been a good example to her friend and has had a positive influence on her friend's family.

She is growing up so quickly and is hardly a little girl anymore. She isn't perfect, but she is such a good child. Both Ella and Michelle remind me to hold Family Home Evening each week. They both really love it. They are eager to go to church and they really try hard to do what is right.