Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I am so pleased. Ella has made real progress in the past couple of months. She is having fewer and fewer meltdowns...and generally when she does have one, it lasts a shorter time and is less intense than previously. I think it has been a combination of things that are working. First, I've learned better how to handle the meltdowns, and I've tried to teach her some strategies to calm down and not escalate the meltdown. She is getting bigger and gaining more control over her own emotions. Also, back in December, I told her that when she'd had 10 days (but not necessarily consecutive days) with NO meltdowns that I'd take her for a mommy-daughter date, just the two of us. That really motivated her. We went to a movie and had popcorn and soda. So then we did it again in February... going for ice cream at Baskin Robbins. January didn't work out to get to have a one on one time but I took all 3 girls to Arctic Circle. Having that one on one time to look forward and work toward has been really motivating for her. I'm so grateful that we've finally found some strategies that are helping.... it makes all of us happier and calmer.