Saturday, October 20, 2012


Yesterday, we spent a couple of hours at Cornbelly's at Thanksgiving Point. My kids and I went with Brenda and Polly. Brenda and Polly are the other two second grade teachers that I work with. They are both great. We are each different, but we work so well together. Brenda and I have been teammates for 6 of the past 7 years. This is the third year that Polly and I have been teammates, and the second year that Brenda was with us. We are all young, we all have kids, and we have similar teaching styles and similar teaching philosophies. We're a great team! Brenda and I do things together fairly regularly since her daughter and Ella are in the same class and are good friends. So a few days ago, we were talking about Cornbellys and told Polly she should come with us.

It was a lot of fun.
Polly has two girls. Sophie is 3 1/2 and Finlay is 9 months old. Brenda's daughter Aelora is 7. (Unfortunately, neither of the photos I took of Brenda or Polly are that flattering. The sun was bright.)

Gabby's comments about Cornbellys: "You know my favorite part of Cornbellys? You know that hay? That hay stack? I liked that part cause you get to climb up it. I like climbing up stuff."
Me: What else did you like about Cornbellys?
Gabby: "Eating a hot dog."
Me: Did you like getting your face painted?
Gabby: It said BYU. I liked when she sprayed and I had to close my eyes. (to put glitter on the face paint)."

Ella's comments about Cornbellys: "So the thing that I liked going in the dinosaur and like there were like these things shooting out and it was like water shooting out but it wasn't water. It was just nothing. And I liked where the big haunted house but it wasn't actually haunted because it was morning, so we were walking and walking and me and my friend Aelora were running so fast that we got lost but then this lady said, "Is your name Ella?" and I"m all like, "Yes." and she's all like, "They are calling for you." I'm all like, "Thank you." Then Brenda was all like, "Where's Aelora?" and um, I'm like, "I don't know cause she was running faster than me and I was trying to stay with the group but there was a person that was like next to me and so I stayed with that person and I said, "Aelora, come back," but she didn't listen and so then they found Aelora. She was way ahead." Me: What else did you like?
Ella: There was another maze. And so there were these little gates for the maze, and we were going one way and Michelle went another way. She went into the shortcut so she was way ahead, but we didn't lose her. So we tried to catch up to her, and we did eventually. It was very fun. But there were all these little dead ends and we had two dead ends and then we found our way out. It was really fun. I liked the bouncy houses. One of the bouncy houses had these little spikes and like a maze and then we had to go under and then jump on this tall one or you could go under but it was funner to go on the top because like you were the queen. I saw Brenda and you (Mom). Then at the last part of the jumpy house there was a part you had to squeeze through. It was so hard. And sometimes, you almost could never get through. You can't even breathe in there!"
Note to self: Work on removing the word "like" from Ella's speech or at least decreasing its use.

Michelle's comments about Cornbellys:
"I liked it because I was with some friends. It had some cool things to do. We went into this dinosaur thingy and me and Ella were so scared and we wanted to go again with Aelora, but then we saw the haunted house and we went in and you can't hear echoes (it's soundproofed). Then we went into another haunted house thing. You kept going into dead ends. I also liked the train ride. It was funny to see the Shrek scarecrow and it had some other fairy tale characters. Some kids in a school did it. Then I liked how they had these wood places to buy and play in. (Play structures) One was $2,111.69 or something like that. I liked the little singing animals. They were funny. I saw my little sister having fun there. I also liked the baby tricycles. They were too big for little kids, and just right for a little bit bigger kids."