Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Craft fail, but treat fun

Michelle brought home a book from the library called Hello, Cupcake! This is the second baking cookbook she's checked out this year. Because I'm a fun mom (albeit not a crafty or artistic one), I said we could try one of these cupcakes. So we made cupcakes and tried to decorate them like adorable little Westies. The girls wanted to use food coloring in the frosting, but we only had green but I knew the cupcakes weren't actually going to look much like Westies, so I let them. Well, I will not show any pictures of the cupcakes. They didn't resemble any kind of dog at all. Michelle thought hers looked like a hamster. Frankly, I think they just looked like a big mess. But the kids had fun and they tasted good.
Gabby had a great time smearing frosting on her cupcakes...and her hands and face. She was covered in the stuff.

I will never be known as a crafty person. Some of you may think I am exaggerating my lack of craftiness, but I assure you I am not. I like to go to Super Saturdays to socialize but for the most part I have given up on actually doing the crafts. They just never turn out well for me. I do not paint well. I am not good at getting things centered or even. I am impatient. I don't have a steady hand. I don't enjoy most crafty things (although I used to love to scrapbook...and plan to return to it someday) and certainly don't enjoy the results I get when I attempt most crafts.

But oh well, as a mom perhaps this lack of perfection is a good thing at times. If I'd really cared about having the cupcakes look like Westies, I would have insisted on doing it myself. I would have been disappointed that they didn't turn out. I wouldn't have allowed my kids to make such a mess or have such a good time. Instead I laughed and giggled and smiled at our efforts but didn't worry about our results.