Monday, January 14, 2013

More Tender Mercies

How can one person get so many blessings in such a short period of time? Really, I probably am always this blessed but am not in tune enough to notice. Anyway, I went back to work last week. Aly was in Disneyland, and she usually watches Gabby for us. But I am blessed to have such great neighbors and friends that I was able to easily find people to watch Gabby. She spent two days at Sara's house and three days at Jami's. She had a wonderful time with them. I feel so blessed that other people are so willing to help me.

Once I am back to work, it seems harder to keep up on housework. Granted we are gone much of the day, so there shouldn't be as much. But there's also little time after working, cooking, supervising homework, music practice, listening to reading, etc. And so despite my efforts, sometimes my house begins to suffer somewhat. I try hard to keep the kitchen and living room clean, but bedrooms especially often get quite untidy. But last week, that didn't happen. I mean there were a few things out of place but my house just stayed pretty clean with less effort than it usually takes. And I was gone doing Relief Society things two nights last week. But all of our responsibilities still got done and the house stayed cleaner than normal. Some of this is due to Alfredo picking up the slack and my older two working hard to be really responsible, but some of it really was just a blessing from Heavenly Father.

One final thing. I am getting less sleep. I got less sleep during my break than I usually do when I'm working. I would go to bed around midnight and then about 6:30 AM I would be wide awake with things/people/etc. on my mind. So I would get up. I took two short naps, but mostly I just worked hard all day each day. This past week, I went to bed on time but often woke up before my alarm and got up to get things done. I am sleeping less. Yet, I feel fine. The Lord has blessed me with more energy than normal so I can accomplish what I need to.

I am so thankful for the help I've received already... both from those around me and from my Father.