Sunday, January 20, 2013

My kiddos

I adore my sweet girls. We have not done anything too exciting in the past two weeks, and I can't even think of any funny stories. But I think my favorite thing about being a mom is seeing their relationship with each other. They love each other, comfort each other and help each other. (And do plenty of arguing with and teasing each other, too. They are normal kids.)
Michelle and Ella have bunk beds, but they often sleep together, curled up with their arms wrapped around each other or their legs flung across each other. I often walk into a room to see two of them or all three of them snuggled together, watching tv or drawing pictures or playing a game.

Gabby absolutely cracks us up all of the time. She loves to sing and dance and has the most expressive faces as she sings and dances. Yesterday afternoon, I came home from the grocery store to find the three girls and two of their friends dancing around the living room. Later, Michelle grabbed pom poms and they were singing, dancing and cheering.

How I love these kids!