Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Resolutions

Time to set new resolutions for this year and to review how I did on this past year's resolutions.

For 2013, I wanted to record both my resolutions and my family's resolutions.

Gabby wants to keep her room cleaner, and she will pray daily.

Ella will be responsible for her homework, reading and piano without reminders. She said she will make her bed daily. (I really don't think this will happen on school days, and frankly, I am okay with that. But on weekends, it is a good goal.) At church, she wants to always sing during singing time.

Michelle will help her mom and dad with cleaning, laundry and dishes. (I asked her to also be very responsible for her own homework, reading and music practice without reminders...piano and violin). She will also offer to pray at church more often, especially when no one else in her class volunteers right away.
Alfredo wants to lose weight and exercise regularly.

This year, I am just setting one New Year's Resolution... but it feels like a big one, so I think it is sufficient.

I am going to do my very best to magnify my calling as Relief Society President. As I've expressed in this previous post I feel humbled and overwhelmed and grateful for this calling (and I haven't really done anything yet!) I know that it will require great amounts of time, effort, compassion, spiritual guidance, humility, study, prayer, faith, love, and probably many other qualities that I will have to work hard to develop. I am grateful to have good counselors and so many wonderful sisters in my ward that will support and sustain me. I am sure that my family will be blessed and that this will be an unprecedented year of growth and probably of challenges. So I will do my best. I am going to stretch myself in ways that I already know will be uncomfortable and will be a great blessing to me and to my family. I am going to do this while trying to still be a good wife, mother and teacher.
That's it. :) Say a prayer for me... I'm going to need it.

Here's a review of how last year's goals went:

This past year, I really worked hard to incorporate 5-7 or more fruits and veggies in my diet each day. For the most part, I was quite successful at this. I had days/weeks where I did really well and occasional days or weeks when I was a little less successful. But overall, I really worked hard on this resolution and feel that I kept this resolution.

As spiritual goals, I resolved to attend the temple more regularly and hold Family Home Evening weekly. I didn't hold Family Home Evening every week, but I was pretty consistent...more so than ever before. I didn't attend the temple as much as I would like but I am going to do better this year.

As a mental goal, I resolved to continue to read and participate in the Salt Lake County library challenges. I participated in nearly every one and read many good books, and I learned a lot.

So definitely some growth...and definitely also room for improvement.