Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Arlo Art Project

Thanks to Deep Space Sparkle, I found the cutest book ever. And not only that, but we were able to do a great art lesson along with the book.

Arlo is this darling dog that loves to play catch. But one day he can't catch anymore... because he can't see. His owner takes him to the doctor, and he gets glasses. This is an interactive book and includes showing what the eye chart looks like to the owner (clear) and what it looks like to Arlo (blurry!) and a ball that gets "thrown" back and forth. But the favorite part of this book is that Arlo gets to try on several pairs of glasses (which are included in the book) until he finds the right pair for him! My kids, especially my year old, have loved reading this book and trying the glasses on themselves and on Arlo.

So, after reading the book (at least 8 times or more to my 4 year old), we completed the art project. For step by step instructions, visit Deep Space Sparkle. I helped my 4 year old draw the outline of the dog, but she did the rest. They loved coloring their own glasses.

Look how cute they turned out.

Gabby's (4 years old)
Michelle's (10 years old)
Ella's (8 years old)