Thursday, June 13, 2013

Proof that they are growing up

Saturday was Alfredo's company Lagoon Day. Alfredo took the girls by himself at 10 that morning (since I had my grandma's funeral) and I joined them about 2:30 PM. A couple of years ago, the idea of taking all 3 girls by himself would not have appealed to him at all. But they are getting bigger and can go on many more rides now. Ella, in particular, has not only grown taller but braver. She rode the Wild Mouse Ride for the first time. She rode the white roller coaster and several other rides that she either couldn't ride before or wouldn't ride before.

Once I arrived, we spent a couple of hours in Lagoon-A-Beach. It was fun, particularly because so many friends were there with us. So the kids had friends to go down the slides with them or to splash in the kids area with. We adults had a chance to visit with one another as we supervised our children.

After Lagoon-A-Beach, Michelle and Alfredo went off with friends to ride the bigger rides and Ella, Gabby and I stayed together. So I actually didn't get many pictures of Michelle.
Even though Ella looks scared in this photo, she rode this ride The Bombara 3 more times!

Ella rode several rides with her friend Oaklie while Gabby rode some of the smaller rides. Then they rode several more rides together. Gabby loved the swings this year and we rode that a couple of times together.

By the time we left at 9 PM, we were all starving and tired! But it was such fun!