Friday, June 7, 2013

Butterfly Art

Earlier this year, I discovered Deep Space Sparkle, a site that contains wonderful art lessons. I've used several lessons this year in my classroom. I'm excited to use more of these lessons at home with my kids this summer. We did our first one this week. First, we painted paper yesterday...just filled the paper with color... mostly in squares or stripes, although Gabby did hers with bursts of color and plenty of white spaces. Then we let those dry (and I let the kids paint whatever they wanted.)

Today we did Eric Carle inspiredbutterflies. I helped my youngest and her cute friend cut out the wings from the painted paper. I let my older two cut out their own wings, using one that I cut as a model. Then they glued them on the paper and added antennas. Then they grabbed markers to add dots and designs. They turned out great.

My 4 year old and her friend decided they also wanted to make mermaids. The idea came from this lesson at Deep Space Sparkle. I didn't use a template...just cut the shapes out free hand and let the kids glue. Then we worked together to add fish and waves and seaweed. Super cute and the kids had fun!