Thursday, May 30, 2013

Preschool Graduation

On Thursday, May 23, my youngest child graduated from preschool. This is hard to believe. It seems just yesterday that she was a newborn...

And now she has graduated from preschool and she is about to turn 5.

In just a few short months, she will begin kindergarten.

Their preschool program was held at Magna Library. It was fun to go there, because I haven't been since it was rebuilt. It is a super fun library. We spent some time exploring it and checking out books after the program.

Gabby was so excited to go to the program. And then we walked in, she saw all the people and she climbed up on my lap and hid her face. She refused to go up front even though she knew all of the songs by heart. She is a shy kiddo and she often has trouble saying a scripture or prayer in Primary. So I shouldn't have been surprised. But I was disappointed. I told her if she would go up with Sofie, then we'd get an ice cream cone after. Chuck offered to give her a keep and to hold as she sang. He told her that he keeps a coin in his pocket to rub when he feels nervous talking to strangers. Her teacher asked if she'd come sit on her lap or if she'd go up if I sat with her. None of it worked. So she sat on my lap and then next to me. She sang most of the songs, but from the safety of my lap. Her friend Cooper was also too scared to perform. Ah well. She probably won't be the next Julia Roberts or Britney Spears, and that is PERFECTLY okay. She loves to sing and to dance, but she doesn't like to sing or dance in front of people. If Alfredo or I try to video tape her singing or dancing, she stops immediately. She sings a lot. She dances a lot. But not for an audience.

Mrs. Barnett wrote, "Gabby is such a kind-hearted kid! She's very conscious of the feelings of others and always does her personal best! It's been so fun having her in my class." I love having some samples of her work, a preschool progress report, and photos of her and her class. But my favorite thing is the video that Mrs. Barnett makes each year of her students. I love hearing what they want to be when they grow up, what they like best about preschool and what Mrs. Barnett always says. Gabby said she wanted to be a vet and take care of dogs and cats. She told me that afternoon that she changed her mind, because vets see blood and she doesn't like blood. So now she wants to be a teacher and teach preschool. So. Very. Cute. How I love this darling girl! And how grateful I am for Mrs. Barnett, who has taught each of my girls in preschool. They love her. I love her. I'm sad that these preschool days are over. (But I can't wait to pull out Michelle and Ella's videos from preschool and watch them!)