Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Fourth Grade Program

Last Thursday, Michelle had a program at school. The students sang songs about their social studies and science curriculum. The teachers had slides to show some of the history of Utah that they had learned. They sang songs about the Native Americans, the Mormon pioneers, the Golden Spike and transcontinental railroad, the counties of Utah, and a great song called Utah: This is the Place! They also sang a couple of songs about rocks and minerals.

I loved watching the boy in the blue shirt. He was really dancing when they sang the song about the railroad. He's got some moves. (And he's probably a handful! But I loved watching him so into what they were singing and dancing about.)

In between each song, a student or students would come up and introduce the songs and tell a little about what they learned.

The final song that the fourth graders sang was their school song. I wish I knew the words, because it was so touching. Two of their third grade teachers are retiring this year, and they taught the students the song last year and worked to revive it and teach it. They had tears streaming down their faces as the students sang. Truthfully, so did I. It was beautiful!

I am grateful for all that Michelle has learned this year. In a recent email, her teacher wrote, "I am so grateful for the opportunity I have had to teach your daughter. She treats others so well, and she is dedicated to her work." I think, perhaps, I was most pleased to hear that she treats others well. But, of course, I am also happy to know that she works hard and does her best. I am not surprised, but very pleased.