Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day

I have been blessed and spoiled this beautiful Mother's Day. Alfredo prepared a wonderful lunch for us. He grilled the juiciest, most tender steaks. He had fresh fruit, rice, steamed broccoli and wonderful cake, along with sparkling cider.

While he was grilling, the girls and I sat outside on the deck. Michelle played the violin for me, and the other girls giggled, talked and spent time with me.

I had no meetings today other than church, and church was wonderful. I was able to take a two hour nap. I played a board game with my kids. We made cards for my grandma whose health is rapidly declining. Ella prepared and taught a wonderful family home evening lesson. It has just been such a wonderful day.

The girls also made me sweet gifts. Michelle made a book of coupons good for a variety of things: anything I want, a foot massage, her to play with her sisters, dishes for a week, and not fighting with her sisters for two weeks.
Ella made the sweetest heart book for me, written in Spanish. The cover says, "Mama te quiero como un corazon. De Ella. 12 de mayo, 2013." (Mom, I love you like a heart. From Ella. May 12, 2013)

Inside it reads:
Yo te quiero como Nancy Drew quiere su misterio.
Yo te quiero como mamas quiere su telenovelas.
Yo te quiero como abejas quieren su miel.
Yo te quiero como Sherif Hamsted y sus deputies quieren comida.

(I love you like Nancy Drew loves mysteries. I love you like moms love soap operas. [She said she meant it to say love stories, but I'm pretty sure that telenovelas are soap operas, which I don't watch.] I love you like bees love their honey. I love you like Sheriff Hamstead and his deputies love food (from one of our favorite books, the Sisters Grimm.)

Could that be any sweeter?
(This picture was actually taken last weekend, but I didn't take any photos of all of us today.)
I am so blessed to have such a sweet, beautiful family. We aren't perfect. We argue at times. We lose patience with each other. Sometimes we hurt each other's feelings. But I could not possibly love them any more. They make my life complete. Other than the gospel of Jesus Christ, they are my greatest blessing. I am so thankful.