Sunday, May 19, 2013

One Decade

I have been a mother for a decade now. On Tuesday, my sweet, smart, musical, happy Michelle turned 10. I can't believe she is 10... that decade passed way too fast!

On her actual birthday, we went to ChickFilA for dinner. We also had cake and ice cream at home and my Aunt Elaine and Uncle Phil joined us.

Of course, Ella was thrilled to push Michelle's face into the cake since Michelle is always so eager to push her face into cake. I'm really not sure how this tradition started...but tradition it is! I'm pretty sure I know how cutting the cake will go on their wedding days!

Michelle is turning into a very responsible girl. She tries very hard to do what is right. She is usually very good with her sisters. She loves church so much. In fact, she has been asking me on a regular basis when they would start having Achievement Days again. So last Sunday, I told her to ask the Bishop. He said they were planning to call someone that day and to go bug Brother Vincent. SO she did. This morning on the way to church, both Michelle and Ella were very excited that someone would be sustained. They can hardly wait to go to Achievement Days together.

Some favorites of Michelle's at 10:
Favorite food: Ramen noodle soup (I must admit this embarrasses me a little...I'm a decent cook and cook breakfast and dinner virtually every day...but occasionally the girls do get ramen noodles.)
Favorite book: Sisters Grimm
Favorite Scripture Story: David and Goliath
Favorite Primary Song: Nephi's Courage
Favorite colors: Pink and purple
Favorite dessert: Ice cream cake
What she likes best about school: going to Ms. Watkin's class for science (because she gives out mints!)
What she likes best about herself: When people try to scare her, she gets scared but she likes it.