Sunday, May 5, 2013

Ella's Birthday Party

We invited all of our family and friends to come to our home for a luncheon/party after Ella's baptism. Ella also invited a few friends from school to come. It was nice to visit with friends and we are so thankful that so many wonderful family and friends spent this special day with us. I realized after it was over that I did not capture photos of several of the people that came. My extended family members: Elaine and Phil, Brent and his son Tanner, and Dan and Suzanne and Emily and her fiance John were able to come. Chuck and Aly and their kids were also here. Plus, Jeremy and Stacie, Brenda and Aelora, Brittany and Rudy, Liz and Thomas, Leo and Annette, Mike and Jami, my mom and Mike, my dad, Suzy, and others.

We ate food. We talked, laughed and visited. The kids used the zip line and played on the trampoline and swung and played "zombies" (I think it's like tag.)

We had cake and ice cream. Of course, Michelle and Gabby smashed Ella's face in the cake.

Ella opened presents. She was given so many wonderful gifts: jewelry, 3 journals, two outfits, toys, games, and other gifts.

Of course, we had a pinata. This time every one got a turn to hit it!

Ella had a great time! It was her first birthday party just for her (since their birthdays are so close, we've always combined Michelle and Ella's parties.) And we feel so thankful to be blessed with such great friends and family.