Monday, April 13, 2015


On Easter Sunday, the girls and I made  Resurrection Rolls to remind us of why we celebrate Easter.  Some turned out great...and really looked like an empty tomb...but this time some of the marshmellows seemed to just melt all over the pan and make a yummy, gooey mess.  Not a perfect symbol of Christ's resurrection...but perhaps a good symbol of how our lives sometimes go.... In fact, this quote by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland  in Sunday's session of General Conference especially touched me:
So today we celebrate the gift of victory over every fall we have ever experienced, every sorrow we have ever known, every discouragement we have ever had, every fear we have ever faced—to say nothing of our resurrection from death and forgiveness for our sins. That victory is available to us because of events that transpired on a weekend precisely like this nearly two millennia ago in Jerusalem.

Because of His empty tomb and the events leading up to it, the sticky mess I sometimes make of my life can be made right again.  Because He suffered and walked that lonely road alone, I will never be alone.  Because of His Atonement, my life has meaning and purpose and direction.  How thankful I am for Him!

The girls got Easter baskets from the Easter bunny.

My brother in law, Nathan, and nephew, Evan, came into town for conference.  They came with Nathan's brother in law and nephew, Alan and Pierce.  Michelle was able to go to the Sunday afternoon session of conference with them.  She was really happy about that. She told me that after conference a man sitting near her said she had inspired him to take notes.  He hadn't been, but he saw her taking notes in her journal and asked his wife for paper so he could take notes.  She is a pretty good note taker.  And she loves conference!  She has been able to go to the Conference Center for conference at least 4 times now.  

That evening, my aunt Elaine, my grandpa, my sister Suzy, Nathan, Evan, Alan and Pierce all came to our house for dinner.  I enjoyed visiting with everyone...but totally didn't take any photos.  :(  Unfortunately, they could only stay for about an hour and half because they were headed back to Canada early the next morning.  

What a wonderful way to spend Conference Weekend...spending time with family, remembering our Savior, Jesus Christ.  What a blessing it is to know that Jesus Christ lives again.   Elder Holland expresses it more eloquently than I can, so I will close with His words.

That first Easter sequence of Atonement and Resurrection constitutes the most consequential moment, the most generous gift, the most excruciating pain, and the most majestic manifestation of pure love ever to be demonstrated in the history of this world. Jesus Christ, the Only Begotten Son of God, suffered, died, and rose from death in order that He could, like lightning in a summer storm, grasp us as we fall, hold us with His might, and through our obedience to His commandments, lift us to eternal life.
This Easter I thank Him and the Father, who gave Him to us, that Jesus still stands triumphant over death, although He stands on wounded feet. This Easter I thank Him and the Father, who gave Him to us, that He still extends unending grace, although He extends it with pierced palms and scarred wrists. This Easter I thank Him and the Father, who gave Him to us, that we can sing before a sweat-stained garden, a nail-driven cross, and a gloriously empty tomb:
How great, how glorious, how complete
Redemption’s grand design,
Where justice, love, and mercy meet
In harmony divine!11

**I testify that I also know He lives, and I am so thankful for Him!!  What a blessing it is to remember Him and to have His help each day.