Sunday, April 12, 2015

Spring Break--Part 2

On Friday, we went to the Loveland Living Planet Aquarium.  It was our first time since it moved into the new building.  It's much bigger/nicer now.  I was able to get two free tickets since they did a presentation for our second grade classes, and I filled out an evaluation.  So I only had to pay for two of us.  It was a fun way to spend the day!

I love sea turtles.  I am not sure what it is about them, exactly, but I really love watching them swim and  I just think they are magnificent creatures.  Definitely in my top 10 favorite animals. 

I loved the South American room.  Toucans, macaws, poison dart frogs, and 3 gorgeous girls!

My girls were all very excited to see the penguins.  

The sharks were another highlight.

How did I get so lucky to be their mom?

Did I mention how much I love sea turtles?

This guy just kept swimming right around us.  Look at him, looking at us!

Don't eat us!

The otter brothers were all curled up, taking a nap.  That's often how I find my two younger girls...sleeping together, curled up in one bed.  Occasionally even Michelle is with them.

On Friday night, Alfredo and I went to dinner with our good friends, Jeremy and Stacie.  Then we all (kids included) watched Into the Woods at Stacie and Jeremy's house.

On Saturday, our cute neighbors joined us for conference.  Conference was just wonderful...and my kids are getting quite good at listening and mostly being reverent.  I bought them brand new journals to take notes in, they had packets from Primary, and we still did bowls of snacks that they could eat when they heard certain key words.

In between conference sessions, we all died eggs.

Then Saturday afternoon, we enjoyed the second session of conference.  Our spring break was nearing an end!  :(  But what a wonderful week it was!