Saturday, April 4, 2015

Piano and Violin Recital/Federation

This year Ella and Michelle both did Piano Federation for the first time.  It went okay but not as well as either of them had hoped.  Michelle got stuck...forgot for a minute what came next.  But after a brief pause, she continued on.  Ella played with confidence and poise.  Her timing wasn't perfect on one of her songs, but I was really proud of her.  Both girls got "Excellent" ratings. They were disappointed, but I am proud of their hard work.  (And if I'm being totally honest...I felt a bit discouraged...not by proud of them...but I often wonder if I'm doing enough as a mom to help them and support them.  Maybe if I knew more about music, and I was home more... then maybe they'd be even better at music.)  Anyway, after the federation, we went out to cheer up/celebrate!  We headed to Leatherby's for ice cream!

I just love these beautiful, silly girls!

 Michelle also had a violin recital and then violin federation.  Michelle really struggles with memorizing...memorizing songs for piano or violin, memorizing math facts, etc.  It just doesn't come easily for her.  She struggled a bit at the violin recital...but she worked extra hard for the last two weeks before Federation...practicing her songs over and over and over.  And it paid off.  She did very well at Federation and earned a superior.  I am pleased that she is turning into such a talented and wonderful young woman!