Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Spring Break --Part 1

Spring break was amazing!   So needed.  March was a rough month for me for many reasons.  Really January through March have been kind of emotional and challenging.  So I was very ready for spring break.  More than ever before.  We had a great time.  Unfortunately, Michelle's spring break was different than ours.  We had a whole week off...she had the Thursday and Friday off with us and then had Monday and Tuesday of the following week off (she goes back tomorrow.)  Here's a run down of what we did:
Monday:  Went to my school for much of the day.  Then that evening we went APA to see one of my young women who was starring as Mrs. Potts in the school's production of Beauty and the Beast.  It was wonderful!
Tuesday:  We bought Waffluv and took it to Hunter Elementary to eat lunch with Michelle.  (Sorry about the poor quality of photos.)  Michelle was thrilled...and she generously let many of her friends try a bite of her waffle.  Yum!  Then Ella, Gabby and I went to the library.  After Michelle finished school, the girls and I and Gabby's friend, Sofie, went to see Cinderella.   It was wonderful!!

 On Wednesday, the girls played with friends.  I got things done around the house, rested, read, etc.  That evening, I was able to go out to dinner with my former Relief Society Presidency:  Susan, Jami and Heidi.  We had dinner at Olive Garden and enjoyed talking and visiting for about 3 hours.  It was wonderful!  I love those three ladies SOO very much!

On Thursday, we headed to Thanksgiving Point with the Wibergs and Denisons.  We went to the Museum of Curiosity.  The girls had a great time.  Michelle was especially happy to get to do the Ropes Course.  Sometimes I can't believe what beautiful, funny girls I have.

 Ella and Gabby really, really love to hang like a sloth.  One of their favorite things to do at the Curiosity Museum.

That evening, there was a Relief Society Game Night.  It was fun to get to visit with and play games with the women of the ward.  I am so blessed to be surrounded by so many amazing women!