Saturday, July 25, 2015

A super day!

Last Saturday, the day after Michelle and I returned from Girls Camp, we had an especially great day.  Alfredo gave me a new shirt.  Our friend Mike bought it while he was in Spain this summer.  It was an early Anniversary gift.
That afternoon, our whole family was able to go see Greased at the Desert Star Theatre.  This was quite fortunate.  We have season tickets this year.  I had it in my head that our tickets were for July 18.  I remember thinking that it was going to be a busy day...the day after we got home from camp, the same day as our tickets for the Pioneer Day Concert, and I thought about changing the tickets.  But I never got around to calling to change them, so I figured we would just have a busy, fun day.  Well, Friday morning (while still at Girls Camp) I suddenly had this feeling that I better double check the date.  When I got home, I pulled up the email that listed all of our ticket dates...and our tickets had been for the previous Saturday.  I had totally messed up and we had missed them.  I told Alfredo about it that night.  He said I should call the theatre and see if there was anything they could do.  I had read their reservation policies and you have to cancel/change tickets 48 hours in advance so I doubted they could do anything.  But I got up my nerve and called on Saturday morning.  They still had 6 tickets left for the matinee show that day, and they said we could have them!  Originally, they told us we would be separated...2 of us together, and then the other 3.  I said that was fine.  But when we arrived, they asked us to wait just a few minutes because they were trying to rearrange things so we could all sit together.  They didn't even have to let us attend since it was my silly mistake, but they not only let us attend but warmly welcomed us and rearranged things so we would all be seated together.  I am so impressed by their customer service.  It was a fun show and I felt so grateful we were able to attend.

 Then that night, Michelle, Ella, Alfredo and I were able to attend the Pioneer Day Concert at the Conference Center.  It featured Laura Osnes, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, and the Orchestra on Temple Square.  Ever since returning from Nauvoo, the early Saints have been on my mind.  I am so thankful for their sacrifice and legacy of faith.  It is such a blessing to know that many of my ancestors endured so much so that I could have the gospel in my life today.  I am so grateful to them.  So it held even deeper meaning to hear the songs of the pioneers at the beginning of the concert.

Because Laura Osnes is a Broadway star, most of the songs were songs from Broadway.  That was a lot of fun as well.  After the concert, our friends Immanuel and Denise, who were sitting just behind us at the concert, joined us at Kneaders for dessert.  A very wonderful day spent with my most favorite people:  my family.