Wednesday, April 13, 2016

My Favorite Part of the Trip!

I loved Bandelier and Chaco Canyon.  But the part I was most excited about and that I thought was most amazing was Carlsbad Caves.  It was incredible.  The caves are huge!  Enormous.  We took the self-guided tour because children under 4 can't go on the ranger led tours.  The self-guided tour was between 3-4 miles round trip.  This cave is so big and so majestic.  (And the kids were tired about 3/4 of the way there was definitely some whining in the last half.  But still, how incredibly amazing the caves were!)

So I apologize right up front, but like the post on Bandelier, this post is going to have photo overload.  And even then, there was more to see and it was more amazing than the photos truly show.

 Like the Living Desert Zoo, the Visitor's Center had some cool displays and cool things for the kids to touch and look at.

This one is called the Lion's Tail because it looks like a Lion's Tail.  The different speleotherms were pretty incredible.  Seriously, this cave was so cool!

After Carlsbad, we went back to the hotel to change and have a short break and eat some lunch.  Then we drove to Sitting Bull Falls.  It was really pretty and we all dressed to swim...but again, the water was pretty cold so the only one who really did any swimming was Annette.  She's definitely a cooler/more fun mom than I am!

That night, we got pizza for dinner.  We were in the hotel and it did have a microwave, so we could have heated cans of soup (that's what we did the night before)...but pizza was more fun.  The kids played and we told stories and enjoyed one another's company...and went to bed early.  (Although I stayed up to read for awhile after the kids were asleep.)

My favorite day of the trip!