Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Truth is Out There...(and Living Desert Zoo...and Camping FAIL)

I have loved X-Files for years. Some episodes are just a bit too creepy for me but for the most part it is a show I enjoy a lot. Alfredo and I were excited when X Files recently returned for a few new episodes. And then frustrated/sad when it ended again so soon, even though we knew it was going to. So I was super excited to go to the UFO Museum in Roswell. I think that most(maybe all) UFO sightings are not aliens and I doubt that aliens look anything like they are portrayed in science fiction. But still it was fun to go to the UFO museum and look around, read about UFO's and see the evidence.
This explains the symbols behind the engravings that Michelle is standing in front of.
Michelle found this bumper sticker that said, "You don't scare me.  I'm a teacher.  Roswell, New Mexico"  I had to have it.  She was so very, very embarrassed when I put it on my car.  I love it!
We thought this was really funny!

Oh, I forgot to mention that on the way to Roswell we passed through the town where Billy the Kid is buried.  We didn't stop but Michelle did take a couple of photos of the sign.

We then headed toward Carlsbad and went to the Living Desert Zoo.  It had a great visitor center with hands on things for the kids to see, touch and do.  It's a small zoo but quite nice.

The kids enjoyed comparing their feet to the bear's feet.

The zoo was a zoo and botanical garden so it also had many desert plants with signs telling about the plants.

The girls enjoyed trying to grind corn.

It was fun looking at how big the antlers and horns were as well as touching pelts, pinecones and other objects.

In the reptile building, they had this beautiful carpet of snakes. 

After the zoo, we headed to Brantley Lake State Park Campground.  We had two campsites near each other. The wind was blowing pretty hard, so we decided it would be best to put up the 6 person tent and just crowd into it all together.  It was hard to get the tent up.  We loaded the tent with all of our sleeping bags and suitcases and put rocks on the outside.  The tent stakes kept coming out.  The tent was bending horribly.  It was awful.  After a little bit, we decided this just wasn't going to work.  We called our husbands and asked them to help us find a hotel.  Alfredo found one and we packed up and went to a hotel for two nights.  It wasn't going to be safe to sleep in that tent, nor was it good for the tent.  Crazy winds!