Friday, April 15, 2016

Valley of Fire, New Mexico (Friday)

On Friday, we left the hotel about 8:30 A.M. We had about 4 hours of driving to do and our campsite at Valley of Fire was first come, first served instead of having a reservation.  As it was Easter weekend, we were a bit nervous that there might not be any sites available if we didn't get there relatively early.  So the morning was spent driving (and listening to Candy Shop Wars:  Arcade Catastrophe on CD). 

We arrived around 12:30-1 at Valley of Fire at the Malpais Campground.  We set up camp and had lunch.  After we'd eaten lunch, we went to explore the area.  There's a 1 mile loop walk with signs.  The whole area was formed by volcanic activity.  It was pretty cool.  So we took the mile loop and enjoyed reading about the area, the animals that inhabit the area and some of the plants.  There are 5 types of bats that live in the area.  We hoped to maybe see some of them at night but didn't.  I did see a ground squirrel in the distance but no one else saw it. 

My cute girls and I.  How I love them!  I'm so glad I was able to spend this time with them and see so many amazing things.  I'm so blessed to be their mom!

I really loved watching Gabby's friendship with Daphne.

 After the mile loop, we climbed a very short trail to a scenic overlook.  Michelle and Ella didn't want to walk anymore so they sat in the car.  The rest of us enjoyed the view.
Our cars...thankful for such a dependable car.  We've had it now for 8 years and it's great!

 Then we headed back to our campsite.  We had the afternoon to just relax.  We roasted hot dogs and made a couple of Mountain Home just add water meals. We made Smores.  Annette got out her hammock and everyone took turns relaxing in the hammock. The kids played Red Rover and Mother, May I.  Later, the kids played Kick the Can.  I read.  The kids dug in the dirt.  It was relaxing and the weather was fantastic.  Relaxing day/evening.

Yum!  Smores!

 After dinner, Annette and I explored the area above/behind our campsite for a little bit while the kids played and Michelle supervised.  (We didn't go far...within earshot the whole time).

Without a blow dryer and straightener, my hair was a bit crazy the whole trip.  But it was worth looking a little disheveled to have these experiences!

After we had gone exploring, most of the kids wanted to go explore as well.

I stayed at camp and watched Davlynn.

Another good day!