Sunday, August 14, 2016

15 years!

On August 3, Alfredo and I celebrated our 15th Anniversary.  We went out to dinner.  I should have made reservations but I didn' was a Wednesday evening so I didn't expect it to be very busy.  We planned to go to a new restaurant because one of my students gave me a gift card for the restaurant.  But we picked a bad night...they had some kind of big celebration going on and they were pretty busy.  The hostess said she could get us in in 35- 45 minutes.  So we went across the street to City Creek and did a little shopping.  Then we headed back to the restaurant 45 minutes later and she was waiting for two tables to leave...they had already paid their bill and were just talking so she thought it would be any minute.  We sat and waited for about 20 minutes and finally decided to go somewhere else.  Like I said,  I should have gotten reservations.  So instead we headed to Brio, an Italian restaurant at City Creek.  We've passed it a number of times but have never eaten there.  They only had a five minute wait, happily.   And the food was delicious.  We sat outside where it was quiet and peaceful.  It ended up being really lovely.

Alfredo had the crab crusted salmon.  I had the gorgonzola crusted beef medallions with haricot vert and mashed potatoes.   I wasn't sure what haricot vert was so we googled it.  It's a fancy name for green beans.  We also had an appetizer of fresh tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, greens and balsalmic vinegar.  Everything was absolutely delicious!
Alfredo's food

My food

The appetizer
15 things I love about Alfredo:
1.  He works really hard.
2.  He makes us laugh.
3.  He knows how to do home improvements and makes our home a really nice place to live.  He's almost always planning or working on some type of home improvement project.
4.  He enjoys traveling.  We take a vacation every year and I have been to so many new places.
5.  He supports me in my callings, responsibilities and all the things I want to do.
6.  He encourages me to be a little braver and try things I wouldn't try on my own.
7.  He is very organized...which I both love and it sometimes drives me a tiny bit crazy since I am not.
8.  He is a good dad.  He teaches our girls lots of things.  He listens to them and attends their events and helps them.
9.  He is a great cook.  I do most of the cooking but he makes the best tacos, empanadas, burgers, pico de gallo, flan, eggs, spaghetti, carne asada and other foods.
10.  He keeps our yard looking so nice.  I help somewhat, but he does the majority of the yard work, planting, watering, and so on.
11.  He is supportive of me spending time with friends. I don't go out with friends often because I don't want to be away from my girls too much, but I go to book club once a month and occasionally to dinner or a movie with friends.  He always encourages me to go and makes sure he can be home so I can go.
12.  He is a loyal friend.  He has a small circle of friends, but he would do anything for those he considers a friend.
13.  He gives really good backrubs.
14.  He gives wonderful, thoughtful gifts.
15.  We have been through some great times and some challenges, but he is always there and works with me to make things work.
I love you, Alfredo!