Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Michelle spent 5 days at Oakcrest last week.  She had such a great time.  I was able to ride the bus up to Oakcrest as a chaperone on Monday morning, so I took our cute Beehives to the meeting place.  We had Michelle, Liv and Kate plus Kate's cousin Karli.  I was excited for them.  I didn't grow up in Utah, so I've never been to Oakcrest.  But I've heard great things about it.  I'm so glad she got to have this experience.  She and her friend Liv were cabinmates.

On the bus

Just arrived at Oakcrest....headed off...

On the bus ride home, we passed this pretty river...just about a mile from Oakcrest.  It's  a pretty area.
 Michelle's thoughts about Oakcrest (written by Michelle): The first day they had told us that we couldn't say any words like gosh, dang, stupid, hate, crap, and many more. My first thought was oh no this is going  be a hard week. But, throughout the week I realized that it got easier. On Tuesday, my cabin and another cabin did a thing called Whisper Grove. At first, we were blindfolded and held to each other. Then, we were separated and left alone. For awhile, I stood there alone just holding a rock in my hand, then I realized I had to kneel and hold the rock up (just like we need to kneel and pray.) I was then led to a rope which I held tightly and then thought, maybe this is like the tree of life and I need to move forward so I did. I realized after a long time that I was just moving around a triangle so, I kneeled down and held up my rock and was led to another rope the same thing happened over and over again then in the ending my blindfold was taken off to where I was looking at a picture of Christ and my counsler said " We always need help from our Christ throughout our lives just like you needed mine throughout this course" This was one of the most influential parts of my Oakcrest experiences. My second favorite part was the giant swing. There was a harness and a circular swing that I sat on then I was pulled from my cabin mates up to the top of a totem pole as soon as I got to the top I let go of the rope I was holding and started falling. To me, it was one of the coolest experiences ever. I also met seven new friends three of whom I got really close to. Their names were Paris, Angie, and Ella. Oakcrest was one of the greatest experiences I have ever had and I hope to always remember the friends I met and the fun I had.
This photo, and the 6 photos after it, were taken by Laurel.  Her husband is in the Bishopric and the two of them went up to Oakcrest for the stake night.  President Gustafson did a fun activity making bracelets where the knots they made in the bracelet reminded them to "Doubt Not, Fear Not" which was the theme for Oakcrest this year.  Laurel was kind enough to take the girls a treat and a note from us parents and to take several photos that she shared with us.

On Friday, we picked the girls up.  It was so good to see Michelle again.  I'd missed her.  I knew she was having a great time and I'm SO glad she got to go, but I was so glad to have her home.  She made new friends in her cabin and was excited to take her photo with them.  She hopes they will keep in touch and get together again soon.