Sunday, June 21, 2009

It's What Fun Is!

Saturday June 13:

Alfredo's company had Lagoon Day. We got in for free and they even provided lunch: an all you can eat bbq, complete with tons of prizes for everyone. We left Gabrielle with my friend Brenda, because she is too little to go on any rides and I didn't want her in the sun all day. Turns out that wasn't a problem, since it has been raining almost daily for 2 1/2 weeks now...and the sun was nowhere to be seen that day. But I wouldn't want her in the rain and cold either. (And fortunately, it only rained hard for about 15 minutes and sprinkled off and on a few other times. So most of the day was actually pleasant.)

This was Michelle and Ella's first time going to Lagoon. They LOVED it! Michelle is still talking about it. Michelle definitely takes after her dad, and Ella is more like me. Michelle wanted to go on all the rides and was disappointed that she was too little for some of the scary ones. Ella was happy to spend most of the day in Kiddieland. She liked the ferris wheel and the sky ride just fine, but she hated the big boat and that was the extent of the adult rides she and I went on. So what did they like best? Michelle loved the dinosaur drop and the ladybug that shoot you in the air and then drop you. She also said that the swinging boat was scary, and yet not too bad. She really, really wanted to go in this little ball that shoots you way into the air, but she was about two inches too short.

Ella's favorite ride was the dragon roller coaster. She probably rode it six times while we were there. She also liked the airplane and space ship ones. The big boat (Tidal Wave) totally scared her. She cried and her heart was pounding like CRAZY. I'm sorry we took her on it.

These are our friend's Cameron and Braden. It was fun, because one of Alfredo's best friends (Leo) works at Utility so he and his family were there. In addition, Leo invited his brother Christian, sister in law Teresa and their kids Cameron and Braden. Ella rode several rides with Cameron and Braden.

Alfredo invited his cousin Patti, her husband Nelson and their kids Daya and Laly. Patti's mom and sister also came. This photo is Patti, Michelle, Ella, Daya and Laly walking together. For awhile, Michelle went with Patti, Daya and Laly to ride some of the grown up rides while Ella, Alfredo, and I stayed with Christian and his family. The positive thing about the downpour was that many people left Lagoon, so after the downpour there was hardly any wait to get on rides.

This was a fun day! I can hardly wait to do it again next year.